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Value Beyond Your Policy Administration System

Wednesday, March 27th at 2 p.m. Eastern

Separating fact from fiction - and making the right decision for your business

In today’s world of mobility, abundance of data, self-service independence, and everyone joining the conversation – the demands and expectations of the insurance front office has changed. It is imperative that insurance companies respond quickly and deliver quality to their insureds and distribution channels while achieving profitability goals. Essential to an insurer’s business, the PAS focuses on back-office fulfillment and processing one policy at a time, but also essential to meet the demands of the market today is the underwriting desktop that places focus on the overall account sale and servicing and the underwriting side of the business.  
In this session Gail McGiffin, Ernst & Young Insurance Principal will explore the differences and distinctions between the various industry segments and the pain points of each. Her discussion will cover:
  • The business case for Underwriting Desktop vs Policy Administration System (PAS)
  • Major functional & process distinctions 
  • High- level application architecture considerations 
  • Vendor landscape across Underwriting Desktop, PAS, Rules Engines 
  • Critical success factors between Underwriting and PAS projects/programs

Whether you are considering a project, in the midst of one, or just want to learn more on this hot industry topic, reserve your place today for this informative web session.

Why an Underwriting Management System Adds

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Gail Mc Giffin
Principal, Underwriting, Product, and Policy Solutions
Insurance Advisory
Ernst & Young

Gail has 30 years of P&C insurance experience. Gail’s carrier experience includes 15 years as an underwriter and product manager at Chubb, product development leader at Royal & SunAlliance, and most recently serving as the CIO of ProSight Specilaity Insurance. Career highlights also include 10 years as a managing partner at Accenture responsible for Global Underwriting Transformation. Throughout her career, Gail has served as evanglist and lead developer of underwriting transformation tools as well as provided global P&C carriers with a wide range of strategic services.